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"The Grasshopper King"

Comments: This shot looks to me like a scene from The Lion King. The light in the background is not actually the sun; it is acually a set of street lights. The lighting was very poor (it was dusk), so the photo is rather noisy due to the use of ISO 1600 on the D1. Oh well.

Photograph Details:

Date Captured: October 2, 2008
Date Posted: October 9, 2008
Time of Day: Dusk
Location: University of Florida
Subject: A grasshopper!
Camera Used: Nikon D1
Exposure Time: 1/80 second
Aperture: F/4.2
Sensitivity: ISO 1600
Lens Used: Nikkor 60 mm, f/2.8 D Micro
Focal Length: 60 mm
Digital Editing: Noise reduction, shadow/highlight adjustments.
License: Copyright 2008 Steven H. Keys. All rights reserved.