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"Vivid Garden"

Comments: This photo really looks a lot better full screen. You can click on it above to enlarge it. I didn't touch this photo in any image editing software; this is straight from the camera!

Photograph Details:

Date Captured: November 11, 2008
Date Posted: November 13, 2008
Time of Day: Afternoon
Location: Florida Museum of Natural History's Butterfly Garden, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Subject: A butterfly
Camera Used: Nikon D700
Exposure Time: 1/200 second
Aperture: F/8
Sensitivity: ISO 1600
Lens Used: Nikkor 60 mm, f/2.8 D Micro
Focal Length: 60 mm
Digital Editing: None! Photos actually come out of my D700 looking like this!
License: Copyright 2008 Steven H. Keys. All rights reserved.